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Security Engineer
Looking for a full-time, bilingual (Spanish) security engineer in San Diego with 4- to 12-years experience in McAfee Application Control and ePO.

Security Engineer
This is a 12-month+, full-time position. Candidate must have in-depth knowledge of ePO, ENS, Solidcore (App/Change Control), HIPS, RSD, TIE, DXL, GTI/VSE interactions. Requirements also include having worked on migration projects and system upgrades from VSE to ENS, as well as product version upgrades and MVM knowledge. 

On-site McAfee SIEM Expert

This is an on-site, full-time, three-year+ position for a McAfee SIEM expert. This job requires travel to Iceland.

On-site MWG, IPS expert

This is a full-time, one-year+ job for an on-site, MWG, IPS expert. 

McAfee SIEM consultant

Seeking a full-time McAfee SIEM consultant in Colombia with 3 to 10 years experience. Responsibilities include knowledge of McAfee SIEM and Nitro. Candidate can be based anywhere in Colombia.

McAfee Web Gateway Engineer
This full-time McAfee Web Gateway Engineer position in Colombia requires 4 to 10 years experience with McAfee Web Gateway. Candidate can be based anywhere in Colombia.

McAfee Security Engineer

This full-time McAfee Security Engineer position requires a visa and 5 to 12 years experience with McAfee, ePO, ENS, McAfee Web Gateway, SIEM, and HIPS. Candidate can be based anywhere in Mexico.

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