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Managed Security Service Provider

We know that cybersecurity is complex. Your cyber safety needs will be taken care of in the experienced hands of our security specialists.

managed security service provider

We have a 24x7x365 team of Security Analysts, using threat intelligence to monitor your network for intrusions. We leverage very powerful, best-in-breed security analytics and threat intelligence.

Network traffic and log activities are monitored in real time to respond to anything malicious. UNS can do this not only with devices at the office, but also for remote/traveling users via logs. This includes data in the cloud, such as Microsoft Office 365 and the Google Suite.

User-friendly app allows visibility into the security operations team along with customizable reports and dashboards.

These capabilities take the heat off of full-time, internal employees who have other duties.

Reduce false positive fatigue

Ease of integration


24x7x365 monitoring

Cloud-based web portal

Why Our Clients Choose UNS

“We’ve partnered with UNS on multiple client projects and they always exceed our expectations. The UNS team is professional, extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with.”

– Rinkesh Nigam | DC Consulting, LLC