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Health Check: Cybersecurity Audit

A targeted analysis of your cybersecurity environment will help identify strengths and weaknesses in your infrastructure to ensure you are in the best position possible to meet your security, reporting, and compliance objectives. Over the course of the health check the consultant will also discuss the people and processes within the organization to provide a wholistic view of the program maturity and effectiveness. Integrations with other tools and processes will also be examined at a high level.

cyber security audit

Cybersecurity Audit Benefits

  • Maximize value extracted from your security investment by ensuring you’re most effectively using the tools you’ve purchased
  • Identify easy-wins to increase manageability and security quickly
  • Help align the cybersecurity tools implementation with your organization’s strategic goals by defining longer-term objectives to prepare for growth or changes in posture
  • Informal knowledge transfer for new or existing administrators to help operationalize best practices recommendations