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Cybersecurity Engineer – 8+ Years Experience

Cybersecurity Engineer – 8+ Years Experience

Position is remote, contract is one (1) year or more with additional opportunities available upon completion.

Job Description:

Sr. Product Specialists

8 – 12 years of experience implementing, configuring, and supporting Trellix security software solutions. Specific product experience: ePO ENS, DLP, Solidcore, Trellix Storage Scanners, Trellix Webgateway and Trellix ATD appliances.

  1. Good verbal and written skills the ability to articulate technical information into easily digestible and actionable information.
  • Comfortable using Change and Problem management systems to address issues and implementing changes in a customer environment.
  • Very knowledgeable of the Trellix Incident system and procedures to record SR’s and uploading MER logs. 
  • Expert in researching potential issues using the Trellix SMS alerts, Knowledge Base Articles, and other sources to troubleshoot potential issues with the products, or user environments.
  • Self-directed and motivated to take on new assignments and follow up with old issues.  Also, the ability to mentor Jr. associates in the technical and professional skills needed to be successful as a professional consultant and trusted advisor.
  • Administratively detailed consistently entering Change and Trouble tickets, Timesheets and daily status reports without manager follow up.