The UNS team of Security Certified Product Specialists assess, develop, and implement solutions that optimize your network security.

UNS is happy to announce that we now offer MAAP (managed architecture administration provider) and 24x7 MSSP (managed security service provider) capabilities! What does this mean? With the UNS MAAP program, you will now have access to expert-level security architects to maintain and optimize your security investment on an ongoing basis. UNS also offers a MSSP program where our team of cyber security experts monitor, analyze, support, and investigate our customers' cyber security issues 24x7. These capabilities take the heat off of full-time, internal employees who have other duties.

  • MAAP provides access to expert-level security consultants with experience at 5000+ clients who bring that knowledge to your environment.
  • MSSP offers complete system support and high-priority patching and upgrades.
  • MSSP and MAAP programs can be purchased independently, but were also created to complement each other.

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If the needs and size of your business require staff augmentation, UNS can help there too. We offer contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent placement staffing globally. We are dedicated to providing clients with the most experienced and qualified talent to ensure all technology needs are met.

In the world of ever-changing threats to your network security, let our team of trained consultants ensure that you all touch points of your network are secure. Our consultants will ensure that all programs are installed correctly, functioning properly, trained effectively, and sustained optimally. All of this will provide assurance that your business’s security needs are being met.

We offer a full range of security services on all of the products we install.

The landscape for network security is changing, and it is important that your security solutions are both comprehensive and adaptable.

With more applications and information stored in the cloud, it is important that these things are still protected while remaining accessible. UNS builds security solutions to ensure that your information is protected and available.

To stay ahead of potential cyber attackers, UNS works with the leading product vendors to implement innovative and robust security solutions.

UNS will analyze the current state of your business’s IT security plan and how to best protect your business from online threats. We work together with our clients to assess current and future IT needs and develop implementation programs from there.

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Our team will ensure that security extends to all endpoints and that all devices comply with the criteria our consultants require before network access is allowed.

Implementing endpoint protection plans is something our consultants are trained to do. From protecting against malware to anticipating threats at each endpoint, our team will implement a comprehensive protection plant that provides broad coverage.

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Detecting threats at the earliest possible moment is critical when your sensitive data is at risk.

Unfortunately, all too often, threats go undetected in networks.

Our network security consultants help you reduce risk and better understand the full scope of any threat they detect. No longer will the lack of expertise or threat intelligence be obstacles to your network security.

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UNS will work as an extension of your network security team.

Our team of Network Security Consultants will monitor your environment 24x7, provide early warning of cybersecurity threats and arm you with the actionable insights you need to quickly respond.

  • Health Check: We will do a quarterly health check of each system and look at the basic performance of the system to ensure efficient throughput, making certain it is functioning at its maximum potential.
  • Log Review: At specified intervals, we will review system logs to check for proper performance (false positives etc), security issues, and any other items of concern.
  • Dashboard Setup: We will set up and customize a viewable dashboard that will provide performance statistics at a glance for managers and/or system administrators.
  • Dashboard Monitoring: We will review dashboard statistics for trends and anomalies.
  • Reporting: We will generate periodic management-level summary reports detailing any trends, items of interest, customer specified information and anomalies.
  • System Administration: UNS will perform system administration tasks on the system we monitor. This includes system refinement, as well as rules and updates based on information acquired during monitoring.
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UNS consultants will train your IT staff on all programs installed by our team.

On-site or web-based training options available.

UNS training sessions equip your IT staff with the necessary skills to manage your network security solutions and make sure you are maximizing the coverage of your comprehensive network security strategy.

Training is available in the following areas:

  • Network protection
  • Security information and event management (SIEM)
  • Endpoint protection
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UNS partners with McAfee to provide your business with protection against malware and other online risks.

UNS will also help ensure your enterprise has cohesive, top-down control in adhering to mandated government regulations, risk management and the compliance with those regulations.

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